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What’s the key difference between staying on the regular level of a fine hotel and staying on the concierge level:  quality of experience.The Novo concierge service distinguishes our firm from competitors and embodies our philosophy. more>>



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Novo Medical recognizes three physician recruiting trends:

c Traditional firms stay large due to a constant cycle of hiring and training new recruiters.  Inexperienced, they often fail to meet their high quotas, pressured to find any candidate at any cost. They fail to ask the most important qualifying questions leaving clients unsatisfied.

Novo Medical only employs experienced recruiters with proven track records.

novo medical careers Traditional firms carry heavy overhead because of expensive marketing and large executive salaries, leaving slim margins. These companies pay lower commission goals to their recruiters while charging increasingly higher fees.

Novo Medical’s highly efficient horizontal structure of nationally dispersed offices revolutionizes physician recruiting, placing money where it should be spent:  your recruiting needs.

c Small executive boutiques lack brand recognition and uniformity of process.  They simply don’t have the manpower to create successful placements for the candidates and clients in a timely fashion.

Novo Medical’s efficient structure combines the uniformity and exposure of a traditional firm with the customer service of an executive boutique.

The Novo Solution:

  • Create a network out of the most talented physician recruiters.
  • Establish locations around the country of local teams.
  • Provide a platform for sharing information through cutting edge technologies.
  • Ensure recruiters “quality of life” to reduce turnover.

Results:  Revolutionary service, that’s the Novo advantage


Novo is your new format for a physician placement firm and offers only the highest level of service, people and professionalism. Contact us today to see how we can help you!