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What is the need for physician recruiting?
Hospitals, Groups and even small practices hire recruiters for a number of reasons.  Recruiting is a full time job and many facilities do not have the resources dedicated to this task to provide for quality physician search. For this reason, outsourcing the search is the best solution.  Additionally, every facility is in competition for candidates as are candidates for jobs. We are in tune with the market and have worked with many successful placements giving us a strong base of knowledge and experience in dealing with all matters involved in physician recruiting.

The NOVO opportunity advertised appears to be wonderful; is there what is a catch?
Our team evaluates every opportunity making sure it is one that we can complete before agreeing to sign.  We build advertisements to communicate the features of the practice and community.  We find out the negatives and the positives and give all information to you in order to provide as much transparency as we are able.

What does this cost me as a candidate?
Nothing, ever.  Our professional recruitment services are paid solely by the recruiting healthcare facility.  Physician candidates should never pay to advertise nor pay fees to a recruitment firm for recruitment services.

How is NOVO qualified to represent physicians and practice opportunities?
Our team has extensive experience in physician recruitment and is well versed in the industry.  Our rigorous weekly and monthly training, by outside consultants specializing in the marketplace, malpractice, specialty-specific issues, and customer service includes even our most seasoned consultants.

I had a bad experience with another recruiter.  How will NOVO provide a better experience?
We strive to provide a positive search experience each and every time.  We make every effort to get to know you personally and ensure that an opportunity is a good fit for you and your family.  Before you visit an opportunity in person, you will have extensive knowledge of the practice and community amenities.  All of the opportunities we represent have been researched through a profile evaluation by one of our experienced recruiters.  We talk with and often meet with the decision makers to ensure that all of the pieces are in place so that a new physician coming into the community will be able to establish a busy, successful practice. Our candidates find that our concierge service helps them out each step of the way by providing them with scheduling and travel assistance, comprehensive interview itinerary & location information, and contract knowledge and negotiations.  We are here to work as a liaison between you and the recruiting facility to make sure that you receive the best possible offer.

Can our conversations be confidential?
Yes, NOVO Medical Careers follows national guidelines that honor confidentiality.  We will only forward your information to facilities that you have approved.

Why don’t you put the specific locations of your practice opportunities in your advertising?
There are several reasons:

  1. Our clients hire us to pre-qualify candidates and ensure that they meet all their requirements.
  2. Clients cannot manage the volume of calls that we receive in response to their opportunities.
  3. We are a national search firm representing opportunities across the U.S.  Once we know what is important to you, we can connect you with options & locations that meet your needs.


What is the difference between “retained” and “contingent” contracts?
A retained contract works best for facilities to find candidates for specific practice opportunities.  Recruiters, when retained, gain first-hand knowledge of these practices by traveling out to the communities and visiting with all of the key decision makers when possible.  They will see everything that you would see on an interview so they can give you credible information about the practice and the community.

A recruiter with a contingency contract often works more like a sports agent, profiling the physician candidate first to understand their motivations and practice/community desires.  The recruiter networks the specified location(s) to determine whether an appropriate opportunity exists and brings it to the attention of the physician.  If agreed upon, the recruiter will introduce the physician to the identified practice and facilitate the interview process.

How long does it take to get a state license?
The timeframe to obtain a license varies from state to state and from individual to individual.  Based on your current license situation and the state to which you are applying, licensure can take anywhere from two weeks to eight months.  We will consult with you to determine a more accurate timeframe, and we can help facilitate professional services specializing in new licensure and greatly reduce the time it takes to gather all the information the licensing board will need.

I am not graduating for another year.  Is it too early to begin my search?
Not any more!  It is never too soon to begin your job search, and one year out is the perfect time to start. It usually takes approximately three to six months to get a state license, and three months to receive privileging and insurance plans.

I am not sure what kind of practice I am interested in.  What is the easiest way to learn about all of the opportunities that your firm represents and choose which one suits me the best?
Let the recruiter consult you on your needs and then help you choose the most fitting opportunities.  Then choose two or three with the firm and interview.

My question is not answered here. Where can I get an answer to a question that is not here?
Please visit our Contact Us page to send your question.